Step by step guide to writing great audience surveys

10 Common Podcast Misconceptions

Editing is expensive Doesn’t have to be at all (or is it difficult) You can get professional level audio editing done for around $50-$70 for an hour long episode. This includes music, intro, outro, making sure all potential breaks are edited out and even some of the “ahhs” and “ummms” you might inadvertently throw in

3 Reasons you should have an email course on your website

Call to actions on websites are changing. I don’t know if you’ve been noticing the trend but I have. It used to be that white papers or resource docs where the hottest way to collect email addresses. But lately I’ve noticed email courses trending and personally feel like it’s the best way (when possible) to

The POWER of follow up

One of the most powerful and forgotten tactics in business is FOLLOW UP. Let’s start with a quick stat and then a story. According to the Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. So this means no matter what… Following up with customers is always more profitable

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