10 Common Podcast Misconceptions

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    Editing is expensive

    Doesn’t have to be at all (or is it difficult) You can get professional level audio editing done for around $50-$70 for an hour long episode. This includes music, intro, outro, making sure all potential breaks are edited out and even some of the “ahhs” and “ummms” you might inadvertently throw in there. (See it’s not all that bad.)

    Setting up interviews takes up to much time

    By writing a good template for your first 2 emails you’ll cut down on the time it takes for you to get new guests on the show. Click here to get an example of how I’ve done this.

    Getting it on iTunes is difficult

    There is a simple submission process that will take you less than 5 minutes. I was on the phone with someone the other day as they went through this. Super simple.
    Check out the simple steps from Apple below.
    Open iTunes.
    In the navigation bar along the top, click the iTunes Store button on the far right to open the store.
    Once the store loads, click Podcasts in the navigation bar to go to the Podcasts page.
    In the right column of the Podcasts page, below the Podcast Quick Links header, click the Submit a Podcast link.
    Follow the instructions on the Submit a Podcast page.

    Nobody will listen if I start

    Do you have an email list? Some friends and followers on social media? When you first start out you HAVE to promote your podcast. Send out several posts and emails to get people listening and interested in your podcast.

    If you’re not willing to promote it the content you’re creating probably isn’t good enough.

    Keeping it going is difficult

    It’s easy to get ahead with a podcast. Make sure you always have a couple episodes queued up. So if you have an emergency or want to take some time off you can come back while episodes have been going out.

    But really the main benefit is once you get started it’s easy to keep going.

    A business doesn’t need a podcast, it just seems silly

    When was the last time you updated your website?

    If you’re answer is months I’m guessing it’s tough for you to write blog posts or add pages… Podcasting is a great way to consistently update your website and be adding great content your customers (and search engines) will enjoy.

    How do i get my first guests?

    If you don’t have a lot of experience it’s always best to go for someone you know. It might not be the best time to go out and get an interview with the leader in the industry for your first or second interview.

    I have to have great equipment

    If you’re starting all you need is headphones. Yes you heard me right. Although having great sound quality is great it’s not worth investing even $200 when you’re just getting started. Eventually you’ll want to invest but get your first 5-10 episodes under your belt first.

    I have to have my website, and a bunch of episodes all done before I launch

    Although always beneficial (and a best practice if you’re starting this seriously). You can launch one at a time. Although you probably won’t get picked up as “new and noteworthy” by iTunes that’s ok. You can build your audience slowly over time.

    I have to be a great speaker

    If you’re doing a monologue show this might be somewhat true. But if you’re doing a show with interviews you can rely on the guests speaking ability more than yours. Sit back and talk as little as you want. It’s your choice. I would suggest listening to some really good interviews and deciding on what style you want to go ahead with.

    Everything has to be polished

    You’ve heard this before but actually getting something out there is always better than keeping something saved on your computer. Even if 10 people listen and like it that ’s better than no one. Don’t let fear get in the way of you hitting publish.

    If you’re looking to get your podcast kickstarted check out these tips check this out

    Would anybody you know get value from this?

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