How to Set Up a Killer Autoresponder

Would anybody you know get value from this?

    I’ve always been a big proponent of growing an email list. And I honestly haven’t heard of anyone who isn’t.

    So once you have that little email capture widget on your site what now?

    Just send them emails when you have a special?
    or a weekly newsletter?

    NO! That’s way to much work. I’m a fan of eliminating those repetitive tasks and coming up with a system. That’s what I want to help you out with. Setting up those emails that go out every time someone signs up for your email list.

    There are several basic ways to get people to sign up for your email list.
    1 – updates
    2 – email course
    3 – white paper

    Obviously this is going to change what your auto responder says so we’ll address this

    1 – Updates

    People are expecting you to send them updates on your blog / podcast / company. So how do you set up an auto responder that’s not annoying?

    Start in the first email by thanking them, explaining what to expect, and offering some advice on content they might find interesting. (links to some of your most popular pieces of content.

    The next 2-4 emails should be valuable content. No specific offers just giving great info. This can be some blog posts you’ve recycled or something you create just for this purpose.

    Then if you have a great offer (always make sure it’s special… beyond the normal) go with it.

    2 – Email Course

    The expectation is to receive 5-7 emails with the info you’ve promised. The benefit for you = People are excited to see your name in their inbox. This doesn’t mean you can abuse that but it does mean you’re in a really good place. (in my opinion better than the other options)

    After you finish the email course I would recommend sending maybe one other piece of information without an offer then go ahead and send out an offer. Again make sure it’s compelling and not just your typical pricing.

    3 – White Paper

    They’re putting in their info to receive some kind of info you’ve hidden behind an email wall. The likelihood of someone unsubscribing from your list is high.

    I’d suggest you send a quick summary just letting people know what you sent them. The truth is they probably didn’t download or open up the pdf so if you can make it concise and useful it’s definitely worth doing.

    Send at least 2-3 emails giving away information or a story before having an offer. And make that offer really appealing. If you want to keep people subscribed you have to keep them informed and entertained.

    So the basics you always need to think about when crafting these emails.

    #1 – Always try to tell stories

    #2 – Always think as the customer not you (the company)

    #3 – Error on the side of giving value instead of pushing an offer.

    If you want to see how I set up autoresponders. Check out the online lead gen handbook and you’ll find out – check it out here

    Would anybody you know get value from this?

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