Step by step guide to writing great audience surveys

Would anybody you know get value from this?


    If you’re on a mission to create amazing content for your audience one question you’re probably asking yourself these questions…

    • * What type of media will they consume (written, audio, video)?
    • * What should it be about?
    • * How long should it be?
    • * How often should I product content?
    • * Who do I promote it to?
    • * How do I promote it?


    I have one simple hack that will give you a huge boost in the right direction

    If you have an auto responder or an email list the first thing I want you to do (before sending any promotional emails or monthly newsletters) is to send out a survey.

    Here’s how I do it.

    Log into Google Docs. And create a survey. Pick a simple theme and you’re 1/4 of the way done.

    Then we’re need to create the questions for the survey. The format I like to follow is this.

    #1 – Who are you?

    I always start with this because it’s the easiest for the person taking the survey. I know who I am so clicking a couple check boxes is the simplest way to get me into the survey.

    The questions should be different for each scenario. If you’re talking to golf students you might want to ask them what their handicap is. If it’s someone who is interested in chiropractic you might ask them a couple demographic questions like age range and gender.

    here’s a hint this might take 2 questions to get as much detail as you might want, but you still need to keep it brief.


    #2 – What are your goals

    If you can’t speak to what someone wants then you’re going to have a tough time writing headlines that actually get people to read or listen to you information.

    If you’re creating any services or products this also gives you some great insight for what copy you should be using to sell with.


    #3 – What are you biggest problems

    Just as important as figuring out what someone wants is what they struggle with. If I’m creating content for people who are trying to remodel their house and I learn that they have a tough time figuring out what will pay off in the long term then I’m going to write articles about that. If it’s someone who is struggling to loose weight I’m going to write articles for that person (if I’m a chiropractor)

    Now we have a split…

    If you’re starting from scratch – What are you interested in?

    Why type of content do you enjoy most?
    What topics are you most interesting in?

    If you already have something – Getting feed back

    How often do you read/listen to our blog?
    What would you change about what we’re doing?


    Need additional help or want to see an example I’ve implemented for a business comment below!

    Would anybody you know get value from this?

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