6 Painful Mistakes You’re Probably Making on Your Website

Would anybody you know get value from this?

    #1 – Unclear headline.

    Not only what you do but why I should choose you over your competitors. Gone are the days when you can be generic and rely on being the only option. Competition is fierce and you have to make let visitors know you’re the better option. Because you can guarantee they’re going to more than just your website when looking for a solution.

    Bad = Serving Jacksonville since 1980 (this just won’t cut it anymore in today’s competitive economy)
    Good = Southeast MN’s custom design jeweler.

    #2 – Bad Images.

    Your iPhone takes great photos but we’re trying to build a professional credible visual identity for your business. Don’t make people question the quality of your work because you have bad pictures. Also those classic stock photos. Those aren’t very helpful either. It really is worth investing in professional photography.

    It builds your brand and your unique identity that makes you memorable to potential customers.

    #3 – Simplify your navigation

    You don’t need 8-9 navigation options. (simple is key)
    If you want to lower your bounce rate, simplify your navigation. Give visitors clear options on where to go to learn more. Simply try services instead of the 5 services you do.

    #4 – Is there a specific call to action on your home page?

    Call us here. Get a free consultation. Download our guide…

    Don’t make people work to figure out what to do if they want service today.
    Have options as well. Most people don’t feel comfortable calling so you need to have another offer. Consultation or free estimate will always work well. It’s all about converting the maximum percentage possible.

    #5 – Customer logic not Company logic.

    Nobody cares what you think about your business. They want to know what you can do for them.

    If you can’t figure out what to do – What questions to customers ask you when purchasing your product or service?

    The person that can’t think like their customer is the person that has the biggest advantage.

    #6 – Add more content.

    Having a home, about, services, and contact just won’t cut it. Be more specific. Talk about how you can remodel kitchens. And then put up a page about modern kitchens, and country kitchens. Better for prospects, better for SEO.

    And if you’re really going for a BIG win start blogging regularly.

    Would anybody you know get value from this?

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