Not happy with your SEO? Here’s your answer.

Would anybody you know get value from this?

    The answer I have for you is – CONTENT

    There is no special “secret sauce” or industry trade secret. Nothing that I can do on your site that will instantly pull you to the top of the Google lists.

    Sorry but that’s the truth.

    Here’s what you can do to improve your search rankings.

    #1 – Make sure your Title tags are correct. Somewhere between 60-70 characters long. (include what you do and a location) Learn the details from this great article from – Learn more

    #2 – Make sure your meta data is correct. Again relevant to what you do and including a location. Length between 150-160 characters. If you need some details has a great article on this as well. Learn more

    #3 – It’s all about content. Do you only have 3-5 pages with more than 300 words? That should be a bare MINIMUM.

    The easiest thing you can do is add more content. Put up a page for everything you do.

    I know you do basement, kitchen, bathroom remodeling but you can create more pages than that. How about – country kitchens, modern kitchens, granite countertops, custom kitchen cabinets… And more than just images it has to include content. At least 300 words. I promise you this is the best thing you can do to boost your SEO and improve you site. And the best part it’s something you can do without much help from a developer.

    If you’re wondering what write about. read more

    Would anybody you know get value from this?

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