What’s a lead magnet… and do you need one?

Would anybody you know get value from this?



    A lead magnet is something that prospects want and you give to them. (most likely for free)

    BUT… it’s not the end goal.
    It’s the top of the sales funnel. The goal is to convert them to purchase your service or product.

    So for instance….
    I have a web design business.
    I’m going to give away a pdf document (handbook / guide) of how to improve your website (or the online lead generation handbook over there to your left). This pdf will be free and I’m going to make sure to put it on my home page and have it on the sidebar of all blog posts I write and drive traffic to.

    Why? Because I’m going to ask for their email in exchange for this checklist I’ve written.


    So how do I benefit from this?

    If I just built a database and sent out occasional emails with services I offer. That would be a fail.
    I would literally be leaving major revenue on the table.

    But reality is MANY businesses do this. You build a pile of people who have contacted you and they just sit there. You don’t consistently follow up or stay in touch. There is no way around it. You have to change.

    Let’s continue with the process.

    I need to take this “warm lead” and nurture them through a sales process.
    It starts by building a relationship.
    Continuing to offer them advice and tips that normally would cost money to receive.
    You want to honestly have good intentions at heart when writing an email sequence. People can spot when someone is being fake, even if it’s in email. Tell a compelling story of how a customer was struggling and you helped them out. Include some details and make it memorable. You have to tell your story. The story of how your company can help me the potential customer.

    Secondly you’re going to want to have offers. Have special discounts and opportunities for them.
    Make them feel special. Like they’re part of a club. If you have high priced offers often times this is simple a free consultation or a personal offer so that you can make contact with them over phone.

    So do you need a lead magnet. YES
    Why? because “free consultation” isn’t always enough.
    Sometimes you need more.

    Would anybody you know get value from this?

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