Why would I buy from you vs your competitor

Would anybody you know get value from this?

    This is the elemental question you must answer before doing anything – marketing, design, copywriting related.

    Why would I buy from you vs your competitor.

    This is also the foundation for your website.
    Let’s go into story mode.

    My name is Mike.
    I have an older home and I’m looking to get my master bathroom remodeled.
    I have a general budget and an idea.
    One of my friends recommended your company.  Best Remodeler.
    So I look up your website. 
    Look at some projects you’ve done. 
    Then I’m gone – back to look at google and see the other companies in your city.

    So what did we learn.

    #1  Although your company received a referral you still have to compete with everybody else.
    #2  You didn’t have that long to “sell” me via the website
    #3  I’m looking at as many different options as possible

    So we know you have to have a good “looking” website.
    (Why – when I click on a site if it doesn’t look visually appealing I’m leaving.  You have to look professional.)

    And you have to distinguish yourself.
    Answer that oh so important question – Why should I buy from you vs your competitor
    This is called your Value Proposition. (unique selling proposition as some might call it)

    This is a tough question though.
    It’s hard to figure out for most.
    So don’t feel intimidated if you can’t answer it right away.

    Questions to get you answering this question.

    Who is your ideal prospect to answer this question for?
    What action do you want them to take? 
    What claims of value do you have?     
    Which of those are the most appealing?
    What are unique claims you have?

    We have a unique system we’ve developed to help you work through this process.
    We actually require it before any project is started.
    Why?  Because it’s critical to any website or marketing activities.

    For the website we’ll develop the main headline as well as the supporting benefits by working through this process.
    It’s critical to have this main piece prominent on your website.

    It gives prospect a clear direction of who you are and what you can do for them.

    Would anybody you know get value from this?

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