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10 Common Podcast Misconceptions

Editing is expensive Doesn’t have to be at all (or is it difficult) You can get professional level audio editing done for around $50-$70 for an hour long episode. This includes music, intro, outro, making sure all potential breaks are edited out and even some of the “ahhs” and “ummms” you might inadvertently throw in

4 Uncomplicated Reasons Blogging Works for Businesses (both big and small)

The real question we’re getting down to is… If I spend time and money on creating a blog and driving traffic to it… how do I see a positive ROI? Well let’s go over the four primary reasons it can work for your business. (And the changes you need to make on your current site.)

The Benefits of Podcasting for your Business

Podcasts are really popular. It seems like everyone is talking about the benefits of starting their own podcast or referencing one they’ve been listening to. And if you’re working on an inbound or content marketing strategy it can be a great tactic to improve what you’re doing. – But what are the benefits for your

Google Analytics Guide for Business Owners.

I’m sure you have Google Analytics set up on your site. If not you need to set it up TODAY! But what does it all mean? And how do you know what the numbers mean? You could be getting a ton of great traffic and converting none of that into PAYING customers. But you wouldn’t know it if

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