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Social Media Doesn’t Work…

“social media doesn’t work for my business” I’ve heard so many people say this. In fact I’ve said it myself. But we all know that some companies use it and have massive success. (even moderate sounds good to most) So how do you turn likes, follows, and +1’s into revenue? Because that’s really what we’re

Mobile vs Responsive Website

Should I have a mobile site? You’ve probably seen some of the hype and wondered that for yourself. So what do you do? We always start this decision thinking about what would best suit your users. ALSO – what best suits your business? There are two alternatives Option #1 – Dedicated Mobile Site A dedicated

5 Examples of Creative Lead Capture

  A lot of the time people get stuck on what they can offer a customer in exchange for contact info. More than just a white paper or consultation. So I put together a quick list of creative ways for lead capture   EXAMPLE #1 Great example of a unique placement and concept. Notice

Why would I buy from you vs your competitor

This is the elemental question you must answer before doing anything – marketing, design, copywriting related. Why would I buy from you vs your competitor. This is also the foundation for your website. Let’s go into story mode. My name is Mike. I have an older home and I’m looking to get my master bathroom

Read this if your only advertising plan is word of mouth.

Is there anything out there to help me generate leads? And not just rely on word of mouth? The question many local and even regional businesses ask themselves when it comes to growth and marketing. What does it take to achieve those dreams of growth. – Hiring more sales staff. – Opening another office? If

Marketing and Web Design in Jacksonville FL

Although founded in Rochester MN, Cordie INC is happy to be on location in Jacksonville FL as well. I hope to provide a unique perspective on digital marketing and web design, I’m looking forward to helping your businesses improve the results you’re seeing from your website. Looking forward to working with you. -Cordie

Want to learn more?

The founder here at Cordie INC recently started a blog detailing his thoughts on business, marketing, productivity, and management. Check it out:

Mobile Website

  Earlier this much we launched an exciting new project. Mobile.CordieINC We have seen the effect that mobile is having on our culture and the need for users to get the info they are interested as quickly as possible.  So we developed a beautiful design that is the ultimate in user experience. Did you know

One Message, One Voice

Lets say your business has been around for 35 years or your opening in 3 weeks, you have probably gone somewhere for a website, done a little print advertising, maybe a TV spot, (all great methods to achieve your marketing goals), but how did you feel about the results? Did you have a way to

Marketing and Design

I’m not going to break down social media or traditional marketing but tackle marketing and how it should impact business practices (instead of the other way around). Marketing can no longer be approached as it has for the past 60 years.  To succeed in todays marketplace you can no longer make a product for a

Logos and You

        “Here are my thoughts on logos and how they affect your Visual IDentity.” -Cordie Walker Conveys the Purpose How many companies (organizations, individuals, etc) have you seen with logos that make you have to ask what they do.  Shouldn’t you be able to see a logo, read the name (and perhaps

Is Your Website Working?

Is your website working?  This is adressed to those of you who already have a website or considering using a template instead of using a design firm (like Cordie INC) to customize a site for you needs.  These are my thoughts on why your website might not be working or a template won’t work for

What is Visual Identity

Do you want to make an impact in your marketplace by maximizing your exposure and relationship with your customers?  Small business often function out of fear of the unknown and prefer to stick with an idea they have seen done for the past 20 years (or is the “norm” in their industry); however in today’s

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